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As a professional freelance writer, translator, and language instructor, I offer a variety of services.

Article Writing

I offer article writing for a variety of outlets on subjects mainly related to travel, culture, languages and language learning, visual and performing arts and crafts, but open to writing about other subjects, as well.

I write, edit and publish Wanderer Writes, where I post travel related articles.

Other outlets I write for include a variety of online magazines, like Lonely Planet, Matador Network, RoadTripping Magazine, GoNomad, among others.

For several years I was a regular contributor to Travel Awaits, where I published articles monthly.

Although travel is my main focus, I also write about other topics, including nature and sustainability, visual and performing arts, culture, and language learning.

I also write articles in Hungarian; my latest articles and blog posts are on the website of the Hungarian Cultural Association of Phoenix.

Besides articles, I often wrote press releases for cultural events – specifically ballet shows.

Based on that background, I can write for you:

  • articles for your magazine or website
  • press releases for your upcoming events
  • various content for your website or blog
  • articles and posts focused, but not limited to travel, culture, art, nature and sustainability

I can write any of these in two languages, both English and/or Hungarian.


I have a background in linguistics and languages, and over the years I have worked as a translator, for several agencies, as well as freelance. Being a native Hungarian, my preferred language pairs are Hungarian > English and English > Hungarian, but I can also work with Romanian > English.

Some of my work include translating several poems from Hungarian to English, visual art-related articles, and short documents. I also translated several full-length books, including a memoir, fiction and self-help books.

What can I do for you:

  • translations from English to Hungarian
  • translations from Hungarian to English
  • proofreading previous translations to English from Hungarian or from Romanian
  • writing texts to accompany a Hungarian or English language-learning class

If you need something translated, click on the button to contact me through the form below.

Language Instruction:

I teach Hungarian as a Foreign Language and English as a Second Language for Hungarian-Speaking Adults.

Before moving to the US, I was teaching foreign languages in Romania, since I have a BA in teaching English and Romanian. Drawing from that background, I teach Hungarian as a foreign language for adults through the Hungarian Cultural Association of Phoenix.

I offer small group and individual classes. If interested, please contact me through the Association’s website on the link above, or contact me through the form below.

Other Ways To Work With Me:

Besides working with me as a freelancer, I can offer the following services through the Wanderer Writes website:

  • Book reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Affiliate links

What my readers are saying:

“Beautifully descriptive article, I felt like I was walking alongside you.”

“I loved reading these stories. Your descriptions really made the place come alive for me.”

“What an adventure and what a read! I loved reading this article, you write so beautifully. I really felt the peace and heat of the jungle.”

“What a fabulous and educational post. Loved it!”

Please note that I can only review, promote or write about brands I had personal experience with. In my reviews I am objective, so I can only promote your brand if I like it and believe in it. By working with me, you have the opportunity to develop a long-term partnership.

What Can I Do For You?

Contact me to find out how we can work together.