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Emese Fromm, travel writer - portfolio

A Phoenix-based freelance travel writer, translator, and language instructor, Emese Fromm is the owner ofWanderer Writes. Besides this site, you can find her travel articles in Lonely Planet, TravelAwaits,RoadTrippers Magazine, Matador Network, and GoNOMAD, among other publications.

A native Hungarian from Transylvania (Romania), Emese grew up surrounded by multiple cultures and speaks several languages. Three decades after leaving Romania, this background still helps her appreciate and connect with people of different backgrounds, which shows up in her articles that highlight the culture, history, and legends of the places she visits.

She believes that travel is a medium for understanding and respecting natural and cultural diversity. And since sustainability is extremely important to her, she often includes sustainable practices in her travel article, and she also writes about sustainability issues we encounter every day, not only during our travels.

Besides writing for online travel magazines and publishing her travel site, she teaches Hungarian as a foreign language, and works as a freelance translator.

A Few Of Emese Fromm’s Published Articles

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Children’s Stories:

  • SFC Magazine December 2009, page 12: Noise in the Night – story for ages 7-9.

Destinations Emese Fromm Writes About

Emese only writes about destinations she personally visits and in some cases in addition to visiting, learns about their historical and natural background.

Ancient Maya Archaeological Sites

Besides visiting all the sites she writes about multiple times over the past three decades, Emese is an avid reader of professional books about the ancient Maya. She even attended a workshop led by leading Mayanist David Stuart at the University of Texas in Austin. While visiting the sites, she interacts with local Maya natives in a combination of broken Spanish, English and some Maya words. All this gives her a better understanding of the sites she visits, offering her readers a deeper understanding of their background.

Archaeological Sites in the US Southwest

Emese lives in the Southwest and loves to explore the archaeological sites of the area. She reads about the ancient history of the sites, and she interacts with the present-day Native people of the area, giving her a deeper understanding of the historical background of the sites.

Destinations in Arizona

Emese has been an Arizona resident for the past thirty years. During this time she traveled extensively through the state, she has been involved with the cultural scene in Phoenix, public and charter schools. She volunteered at events and in several different cultural organizations. This background gives her a deeper understanding of the area, which shows up in her articles.

Destinations in Transylvania

Transylvania is Emese’s homeland. She grew up there and still visits her family and friends there regularly. She doesn’t just go to the tourist destinations, though that is what she mostly writes about. Her memories of these places, her understanding of the people who live there, adds another dimension to her articles.

Other Destinations, Including National Parks, the Pacific Northwest, Canada, European and Latin American Countries, Among Others

Though you’ll find fewer articles about the above destinations, all of them are based on first-hand experiences, personal travels, and interactions with locals.