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Wanderer Writes Travel Stories, Tips, and Guides for Independent Travelers

Welcome to Wanderer Writes, your place for in-depth travel stories, tips, and guides to destinations from around the world.

Geared towards independent travelers who prefer to wander through new places, and enjoy finding their own way, the articles on the site may add information and share stories but don’t interfere with this quest. However, we believe that even those who wander might benefit from guides now and then, so we also publish a few.

Everything we publish is based on first-hand experiences. We only write about destinations we personally visit. These include off-the-beaten-path destinations and little-known paths through popular sites, and focus on archaeological sites, nature preserves, cultural, and historical sites.

Who Are We?

We are Emese and Jeff, traveling together for over three decades.

I, Emese, am the editor and writer of the site, a travel writer with bylines in online publications including Lonely Planet, RoadTrippers Magazine, Matador Network, and TravelAwaits, among several others. I started the blog a few years ago, as a home for travel articles I was writing beyond those for magazines, about personal stories and places I didn’t think magazines would be interested in.As I watched several sites I was writing for fold, or change hands and no longer accept freelance writers, I started focusing on this site. More about me as a travel writer: Emese Fromm portfolio

My travel companion and trip planner, my husband of over 30 years, Jeff, is the person behind the wheel and often behind the camera on our trips. We have traveled almost everywhere together since we met, with and without our kids, taking them everywhere from the first days they were born, until they moved out, or started traveling with their own friends. Even as adults, they still join us on occasion.

They also travel on their own, and sometimes they may write about their adventures for us, like Leanne did.

Our Articles Reflect The Way We Travel

During our travels we try to get to know locals and their culture. When we need a guide, we seek out locals, even if we struggle with the language. We often stay in locally owned hotels, eat at small, local restaurants, and try to communicate with locals in their own language, when possible. This way of travel gives us insight into the lives of people from the destinations we visit.

We believe that travel is a learning opportunity. By interacting with locals we learn bout their customs and everyday lives.

But we also like to learn about the historical and cultural background of the places we visit, adding another dimension to the experience.

Travel Stories

Based on our first-hand experiences, our travel stories combine personal anecdotes, the history, past and present culture of the places we visit. We also focus on the nature and wildlife we come in contact with. We tell you about adventures we have and people we meet. You might even learn about local myths and legends from us.

Travel Tips

We also offer travel tips based on things we learn during our travels.

Since I am a language teacher and translator, fluent in several languages, I offer tips on learning the local language of the places we visit. Or, at least understanding enough to communicate with locals, even if they don’t speak English.

Sustainability is extremely important for us, so I like to include tips on sustainable travel to most of the posts I publish. And since sustainability often translates into budget travel, I share tips on traveling sustainably and on a budget, based on over thirty years of family travel.

During our family travels spanning over three decades, with kids, from babies to teenagers, I also learned about staying healthy during our trips. I occasionally also share some of these tips.

Travel Guides

Stories are fun, and travel tips are helpful, I hope. In addition, we also publish articles that act as travel guides to the places we know well. We only do this for places we live or lived in, or visited multiple times. This gives us enough of a background and understanding of the destination to feel comfortable about offering advice on where to go and what to do. However, even when we do this, we leave much of it open, since we believe that each traveler needs to find their own way.

Sometimes our travel guides are for road trips, in which case you are following our footsteps, and we are as thorough as possible about describing the itinerary and the destinations along the road.

I believe that travel should broaden our horizons, exposing us to different points of view, different cultures, and mainly, observing and enjoying nature without destroying it.

Through the posts and articles published on Wanderer Writes, I hope to inspire my readers to understand, respect, and champion diversity, cultural differences, racial and national identity all over the world; embrace sustainability and environmental issues, support the efforts of those who protect natural habitats, and help conservation projects.

To travel is a privilege. I believe this privilege comes with a responsibility to foster understanding among people from all backgrounds and all cultures, and a commitment to help preserve the future of our planet.

Thank you for visiting the site. Hope you can find something you enjoy here.


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