Cradled in the center of the heavily-wooded Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania is a land of enchantments. Rolling hills and lazy rivers, deep woods and rushing creeks, pristine mountain lakes and wildflower meadows offer a gorgeous backdrop to medieval castles, walled cities, and quaint villages. We sometimes refer to my homeland as Tündérország — “Fairyland.”

Yes, Transylvania is my homeland, the place I grew up in and still visit often. These posts reflect my intimate knowledge of the land and its people, knowledge based on only on my observations from my formative years, but also on multiple visits in the past three decades, since I moved away.

Cities of Transylvania

Castles And Citadels In Transylvania

The Castle of Magyarozd, Transylvania
The Castle of Magyarozd, Transylvania

Magyarózd Castle

Natural Wonders Of Transylvania

Hesdát Creek, the river that carved Turda Gorge
The River in Turda Gorge

Turda Gorge

Human Interaction With Wildlife And The Land In Transylvania