Published Travel Articles 

Most of my published articles are travel-related.  Here are a few of them:

Matador Network: 

The articles I wrote for Matador Network were answers to calls for submissions.  I worked with an editor, who also added the photos to the finished piece.

The Ultimate Arizona Road Trip

The 9 Best State Parks in Arizona

15 Places that Get overlooked in Phoenix

33 Awesome Expressions to Know Before You Travel to Hungary


I submitted the article to DesertUSA on speculation.  It was accepted and published about a month later.

Sunset Crater National Monument – A Journey through Time


I submitted this article to GoNomad on speculation. It was accepted, and published.

Mexico’s Real Xel-Ha, Not the Amusement Park Across the Street

MapQuest Travel: 

I worked as an independent contributor for MapQuest Parachute (renamed MapQuest Travel), writing assigned articles.

Best National Parks to Visit Near Phoenix

Visit Chaco, A Famous Archaeological Site in the Southwest

Top 5 Quirky Places in and Around Phoenix

First-Timer’s Guide to Prague

Spend Some Time in Paradise, Washington, this Summer

Outdoors in Phoenix: 10 Easy-Access Sites into the Desert

Mayan Ruins Near Cancun and the Mayan Riviera

How to Help Wild Cats in Phoenix, Arizona

Best Museums to Visit in Phoenix, Arizona

Top 5 Adventures in Phoenix

Things to Do in Phoenix When Your Flight Is Delayed

Celebrate Banana Split Day in Phoenix

Harvest Edible Native Plants in Phoenix, Arizona

Five Mysteries to Read while in Northern Arizona

Labor Day Road Trip Within 100 Miles of Phoenix, Arizona

Sky Above Us: 

10 Great Family-Friendly Trails in Banff National Park

Wander Wisdom:

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Prague

Solstice Time at Chichen Itza

Exploring Ek Balam Through the Decades

Cobá: Modern Village and Ancient Mayan Site

Visit the Ruins at Xel-Ha

Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix Offers a Glimpse into the World of Ancient Canal Makers

Recommendations for Visiting Mesa Verde National Park from a Frequent Visitor


Hiking in Turda Gorge, Romania

Visiting the Salt Mines of Turda, Romania

Traveling through Europe – by Bus

4 Architectural Wonders in Vienna Worth Visiting

Schönbrunn Palace – Vienna

Ghost Town or Tourist Trap? – The Story of Goldfield, Arizona

Learning About the Navajo Nation – A Trip to Canyon de Chelly

Travel thru History: 

I submitted this article to Travel thru History on speculation.  It was accepted and published.

Exploring the Ancient Mayan City of Ek Balam

InTravel Magazine: 

Coba: Ancient Mayan Ruins and a Family-Run Hotel

TravelLady Magazine: 

Family Travel on a Budget

A Salt Mine as a Travel Destination

A Trip to Lowell Observatory and the Lunar Eclipse

Far View in Mesa Verde National Park

A Camping Trip at Sunset Crater National Monument


Published Fiction, Memoir, Poems, Children’s Stories

I also write children’s stories, short memoirs and flash fiction, and even poetry.

Creative Exiles:

Sounds of the Jungle – A poem inspired by a trip to Yucatan

Revisiting the Pyramid of the Magician in Uxmal 

Army of Crows – A Memoir

In the Art Museum – A Flash Fiction Story

Skipping Stones

Vol. 27. Issue No. 3 – in print magazine:

Speaking Grape, Smiling Apple, Singing Peach – This children’s story is a Hungarian Folktale.  Instead of translating it, I retold the story to make more sense for today’s English-speaking children.  I also added an Author’s Note about folklore in general and Hungarian folk tales in particular.   In addition, I designed a question-and-answer activity related to the story and folklore, having the children compare similar stories from different cultures.  Skipping Stones, a multicultural children’s magazine was happy to publish it.

Stories for Children Magazine:

The first children’s story I submitted for publication, Noise in the Night is still one of my favorites.  Published in Stories for Children, in 2009, it was my first success story, my first story published in English.

Noise in the night – a children’s story for ages 7-12


Published Craft Articles: 

Felt Magnet:

How to Knit Leg Warmers for Ballet Dancers

Knitcircus Magazine:

As a knitter, I write my own patterns.  When I submitted a few to Knitcircus Magazine, they were happy to publish them, after much tech editing. The magazine is no longer in circulation, but I have the hard copies with my work in them.


Desert Trails Hat

Lilac Beanie Hat

Cables and Stripes pullover