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In order to continue offering free content, I started using affiliate marketing. I hope that, as small as they are, the earnings may help offset the cost of running the site.

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Product Reviews

I also may accept products for reviews.

All products reviewed on Wanderer Writes have been personally tested by me, Emese Fromm. Some were complimentary merchandise provided in consideration for content, others I purchased and reviewed because I feel strongly that they would benefit my readers. You will find additional disclosures when I recommend complimentary products.

Although I accept products for reviews, I only publish reviews for products that I find worth buying, and trust that will be of interest and beneficial to my audience. If an item is disappointing or inappropriate for my readers, I will not publish a review.

Published reviews always contain my honest feedback about products that worked for me, and I believe they will work for my readers as well.

FTC Regulations

The FTC requires bloggers and website owners to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interest or unspoken biases related to their recommendations.