Emese grew up in Transylvania, where she studied linguistics and literature at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj.  As a high-schooler, she knew that what she wanted to do in life was travel and write. More than thirty years later, she’s doing both.  She spent the last two decades raising three children, traveling the world while doing so. She worked as a teacher, translator, technician, office clerk, among other incidental jobs.  She writes travel articles, non-fiction and fiction stories for online and traditional publications.

The Wanderer

In Her Own Words

A wanderer is a traveler who moves about sometimes without a set purpose, other times using indirect or unusual routes to get to a destination.

I am a wanderer, a traveler of the world. I am also a mother, a writer, and translator.

I don’t believe in well-traveled roads.  Because the more unpredictable, the less traveled the road is, the more we learn from taking it.

I am not afraid of getting lost.  Because most often we have the best adventures, the best encounters, and greatest learning experiences when we allow ourselves to get lost.

As a mother, I tried to instill in my kids the same sense of adventure.

I believe that the best way to learn about the world is to travel, meet new people, understand different cultures.

We’ve taken our kids all over the world, since the day they were born.

When they were very young, we took them on a hike over five miles long, through a dense forest.  We ended up lost but eventually found our way.  It was an adventure.

We took them on a bus through Mexico where we were the only gringos and didn’t speak a word of Spanish at the time. They learned about a different culture.

We took them to visit Mayan pyramids, ancient Anasazi ruins, old European castles.  They learned about history.

We took them through deserts, forests, mountains and ocean sides, where they learned about the diversity of our planet.

It didn’t matter if we had the money or we were dirt poor, living from one paycheck to the next.  We found a way to travel, no matter what.

Experiences, not material things, make us richer. 

I told my daughter once that we were rich. “Really?” she asked. “We don’t live in a mansion, we don’t have a lot of cool stuff.” “You are right,” I answered. “It is not the material things we have that make us rich, but the experiences we have during our travels.”

I Am A Writer

When I am not wandering through the world, or being simply a mother, I call myself a writer. I have written for a number of online and print magazines, including GoNomad, DesertUSA, Matador Network, MapQuest Travel, among others. For a full list, check out my Portfolio.


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